Callie S. from Nathaniel Morton Elementary School hosts the fourth episode of EDTV Kids.

Cold Spring: Art Projects – Avery C. and Jandrew L.
Federal Furnace: Gym Show – Carter W., Eric G., Nora Q.
Hedge: Teachers Changing Grades – Jon-Nae C., Kosta B.
Indian Brook: Nursing Home Visit – Will K., Bella K.
Manomet: Recess: Blacktop or Playground – Callie B., Josh B.
Nathaniel Morton: Whaling Museum – Annalise L., Merlin L.
South El: Museum of Science – Lilly M., Caroline M.
West: Mrs. Walsh | Full Day K – Marissa D., Alyssa D.

Created by EDTV

2015-2016, EDTV Kids

EDTV Kids – Show 4