The Elly’s are an Awards Show hosted by Plymouth EDTV to celebrate the 8 Elementary Video news teams. Throughout the year, each Plymouth Elementary school has a news team to cover the happenings across the district. Each school has their own logo and their own story to tell.

The EDTV Kids program looks to provide students, teachers, and parents with a venue to showcase the talented students of Plymouth. The stories feature students and teachers and allows viewers to watch learning in the 21st century classroom. By creating a workflow centralized around an iPad,  students can take what they learned in the EDTV program outside the classroom to continue creating videos, and inspire a generation of broadcast journalists. 

The Elly’s were created to highlight the outstanding work of these young broadcast journalists. The Elly Award recognizes effort, quality, and exemplifies everything that students have learned in our program this year.

2022 ELLY Awards

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