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South Elementary News

South Elementary News is a elementary video production program established by EDTV.  The curriculum was written and created by the Elementary TV Specialist because of the need of the rapidly evolving field of video in today’s society.  Students will explore advanced elements of television news broadcasting. This course will include all the mechanics of video production including scriptwriting, reporting, camera techniques, and digital video editing.  Those enrolled will videotape school activities, learn techniques in audio and video recording, and will become proficient in video editing using today’s most advanced editing software.  Students in this class will help in pre-production, taping and post-production of several stories about their school and also create a full television newscast for South Elementary.  Students will get experience on camera and behind the scenes for South Elementary News as it is broadcast to the school community and to the entire town of Plymouth.

Topics Covered


Each student will act as a director, visualizing the script while controlling the artistic aspect of the piece.


The students are taught the many roles of a producer in regard to the pre-production planning process.


The students are taught the importance of visual composition when framing their shots.


The students are taught the importance of audio in video and how to use a number of microphones.


The students are taught the video editing process of piecing together a news segment.


The students are taught how to deliver compelling questions in interviews to further craft their news segment.


Each student is tasked with writing intros, outros, questions, and voice overs for their news pieces.


Each student is given the opportunity to practice their on camera skills by hosting news segments.

Video Production Process


The students take the necessary steps to prepare for a TV production prior to the beginning of shooting. These tasks include storyboarding, scheduling, location scouting, scriptwriting.


The students capture the project assets which include interviews, broll, voiceover, stand-ups, and hosting. During this phase, students will learn the importance of exposure, frame composition, interviewing, and audio recording.


The final phase of production is where all the pieces are put together into a cohesive story. During this phase the students develop skills in the areas of video editing, audio editing, and graphics creation.

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